Dreamwool Beds


Branding, Marketing Strategy


Dreamwool Beds



Dreamwool beds is all about delivering the “best sleep you’ll ever have”. They are a Christchurch based, luxury bedmaker that have been in been in business since 1934. As a luxury bedmaker, Dreamwool are all about showcasing the premium quality products that they manufacture, therefore they needed a brand that reflected this.


Through providing a thorough brand strategy, clear mission statement and foundation for Dreamwool to thrive, we worked closely with Dreamwool to develop a new logo and marketing collateral that reflected this new brand. An element that is now synonymous with Dreamwool Beds is the environment where their merino wool is sourced. The Mackenzie High Country and natural environment surrounding it is reflected in their website, sales and marketing collateral and product brochures. This allows their customers to create a connection to the brand.