Content is king

Take a look at your website. Does it have high-quality, relevant content that provides value to your viewers?

If you don’t, you may run into a few problems.

As the years go by, our attention span seems to go with it. With the surge in popularity of short-video content from apps like TikTok and Instagram, it is now important more than ever to have content that captures the attention of your potential customers.

Your website is a good starting point, but good quality content across all forms of communication is crucial.

Here are a couple key benefits.

1.Establishing credibility

If your website visitors come across content on your website and encounter high-quality blogs, articles and engaging and informative information, they’re more likely to stay on your website. Not only this, but it’ll begin to establish a high level of credibility and trust with your website viewers as they trust you to be a reliable source of information. Ultimately, that means that you’re more likely to build long-lasting relationships with your customers.

2.Enhancing search engine optimisation (SEO)

Google will prioritise your website in the search rankings if it is high-quality, relevant, and valuable for the viewer. I hear from clients all the time about how they can jump up the rankings, and while there’s no quick fix, my answer is to kickstart this process is always related to content. This is because Google struggles to index your website if the ratio of content to coding is too far apart (ideal is 25:70). This means that you need to find that balance between having too little or too much content.

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