Your brand matrix

Thinking about global brands that have mastered the art of branding, those that jump out at me are the likes of McDonald’s, Apple, Nike, and Cadbury.

Cadbury had a unique branding campaign a few years ago. They packaged their chocolate bars in a plain purple wrapper, with no logo or words. The takeaway from this was that everyone recognised that the chocolate was Cadbury, just from the colour alone.

So, while you may not be as big as these brands, there are four key things to a brand matrix that can ensure heightened brand awareness and long-term success.

1. Your logo
Your logo must be simple, scalable and recognisable. It should be something you use in all areas of your brand communication.

2. Your brand colours
You must choose your brand colours carefully, as your target market will recognise them first. Don’t stray away from them.

3. Your tagline
A tagline is important as it gives your audience a sneak peek into who you are. You can use a tagline in advertising campaigns, and it should be something that your audience sees first on your website.

4.  Your people
Your people are the friendly faces that your customers will deal with. Showing the people behind your business creates an element of trust and familiarity with your brand.

Stick to these four components to simplify your marketing and make your brand recognisable. Use this matrix and implement it across everything.

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