Digital newsletters do work

Digital or physical, a newsletter remains a staple in communicating with customers and clients.

Recently I was talking to a mum about the difficulties she has with receiving information from her child’s school. She was frustrated at all the inconsistencies and confusion that came with the school communicating to parents through three to four different channels.

From my perspective, it’s all well and good using social media or an app to communicate, however you have to make sure that whatever platform you are using is simple, easy to access and consistently used. Which brings me back to why newsletters are still one of the best forms of communicating to your desired audience, whether it be parents or your customers.

In recent times, digital newsletters, or electronic direct mail (EDM) have come to the fore and dominate email inboxes. There’s no faffing around with setting up a target audience, as everyone who receives an EDM from you will have it go straight into their inbox, and they’ll already have some connection with your brand.

If done correctly, EDM’s can be a great way of forming connections with your audience. By informing your customers of updates within your business, or even your industry, this type of communication can be a great way of generating interest in your product/service while keeping your brand at the forefront of your customers’ minds.

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