Converting your customers

With many marketing tools available, which are the highest converters? You might be surprised.

If we’re focusing on digital marketing, we immediately think of channels such as social media advertising, Google Ads, and website display adverts.

All of these can be successful in the promotion of your goods/services, but they aren’t necessarily the highest converter.

Email marketing (EDM) is still one of the highest converters. Sending out regular EDMs to your audience can be highly effective. This is because your customers must subscribe to your emails and therefore are already interested in what you have to offer, meaning that you’re not doing the guesswork at trying to reach an accurate target audience.

The second major factor to success is that EDMs are a more passive form of marketing, as you must choose to open an email, you aren’t just spammed with things you may not want to see. Sure, you’ll probably get a lot of recipients instantly deleting the email, but if they open it, they’re more than likely to read what it has to say.
To get started, you’ve got to first develop an email database.

This can be done by capturing email addresses of your existing customer database, and then developing a digital strategy to grow this audience. Once you’re setup, consistency is the next factor to consider. If you plan on sending out an EDM once a month, make sure you consistently do that. If it’s twice a month, make sure you do it twice a month (and so on).

At Metros Marketing, we truly believe in email marketing as an effective tool to use. Call me today to get set up.

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