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Social media advertising can be disruptive

It is common knowledge that social media platforms get a bad reputation for news feeds being plastered with advertising. Ads that aren’t relevant, are shown too frequently or are just downright annoying can disrupt your experience.

In my experience, the adverts that capture my attention (while scrolling through my social media) are ones where I already have an interest in the product/service or are creative enough to stop me in my tracks. Here are a few tips on how to make your adverts more successful:

1.      Limiting frequency

Be careful how often you are using the same adverts, there’s a good chance if someone doesn’t stop on your advert the first time, they won’t the second or third time. It’s easy to set and forget by creating an advert and just leaving it to run its course, so always consider altering your ads to find what works.

2.      Altering your target audience

One of the main reasons social media ads can disrupt a user’s experience is when they aren’t targeting the right audience. Facebook and Instagram have greatly improved their targeting parameters as the years goon, which not only means you can target a more specific audience but means you can change your parameters more specifically. Finding the right audience is often a case of trial and error.

3.      Engaging content

Arguably the most important element of successful social media advertising is the content. You’ve got to remember that your audience aren’t on social media to find a new pair of shoes, or to find someone to fix their leaky tap. It’s crucial to have ads that disrupt the users experience in a positive way.

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