Website mistakes to avoid

Bad websites leave a bad impression on your customers.

If information is too hard to find, or your website doesn’t operate the way it should, you may lose  potential customers. Here are some mistakes to avoid to ensure you minimise that risk.

1. Mobile-friendly

Last year, nearly 60% of website traffic came from mobile devices. This means that it is crucial for your website to not only look great, but function effectively on mobile devices. Many websites I come across on a desktop screen look great, but often seem like an afterthought when viewed on mobile. Make sure your website functions as it should on all devices.

2. Compromising user experience for design

A growing trend, that I don’t side with, is new websites that look fantastic aesthetically, but do not provide a great user experience. While it’s fun creating website’s that stand out from the crowd, never sacrifice the user experience of your website. Ensure that any customer can navigate it,

and learn about your business in a seamless manner.

3. Lacking effective communication

When we’re passionate about something, we love to tell everyone about it. While that’s great, don’t forget that it’s easy to overwhelm readers on your website. I often see websites with paragraph after paragraph of information. Stick to small paragraphs with clear headings and sub-headings to make it easy to follow.

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